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Lugh's commitment is to provide a transparent, secured and stable digital asset : 1 EURL is always equal to 1 Euro. For this purpose, PwC issues a report on the number of EURL tokens issued and the balance of the associated bank account at Societe Generale. By CoinhouseHQ, Groupe_Casino & Nomdaic Labs


Kolibri is an upcoming DeFi application that will enable any tez holder on the Tezos network to mint a stablecoin, kUSD, that is backed by the tez they hold. kUSD is pegged 1:1 to the US dollar, is backed by tez and secured by the Harbinger price oracle.


Tezos Finance (aka 'Tezfin')-launching early-2021-is the first decentralized on-chain lending platform (conceptually akin to Compound or Aave) that will operate on Tezos blockchain.


Quipuswap - the protocol that aims to provide an easy interface for a decentralized token exchange on Tezos blockchain.


Smartlink introduces Trust-as-a-Service, providing a decentralized escrow payment system for Web 3.0. enabling users to buy and sell products and services using cryptocurrencies.

Wrap Protocol

Wrap Protocol, which functions as a bridge between Ethereum and Tezos and allows users to migrate their ERC20 tokens to FA1.2 tokens - an innovation that they hope will increase the volume and variety of assets on the protocol.


Wakam expanded its involvement in the Tezos ecosystem and blockchain by becoming a corporate baker. As a baker, Wakam validates transactions (blocks) and adds them to the Tezos blockchain.


Wrapped Tezos (wXTZ) is a fully collateralized representation of XTZ conforming to the FA1.2 token standard - a collateralized staking position that unlocks the power of DeFi.

Societe General

For a digital euro, the Bank of France had selected Societe Generale - Forge as part of its call for applications to experiment with the use of Central Bank Digital Currency. The experiment will explore the feasibility of financial securities being digitally settled and delivered in CBDC.


ETHtez (ETHtz) is Wrapped ETH on Tezos for trading on Tezos DeFi marketplaces. Users can transact ETH without the gas fees of the Ethereum network. ETHtez projects are backed by full and transparent reserve of ETH.


As a pioneering fintech platform in the DeFi space, Oropocket has launched India's first gold or silver-based token on the Tezos blockchain protocol.


StableTez is bringing stablecoins to Tezos, having deployed tokens such as USDtez (USDtz) and ETHtez (ETHtz), for stable, scalable, and DApp-programmable liquidity.


CricTez is a non-fungible token-based fantasy sports dapp, primarily focused on cricket (refer to the last section for more info on cricket). The core idea of dapp revolves around the representation of players/athletes as Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs).


SEXP is a decentralized exchange for trading synthetic assets built on Tezos.


Harbinger is a project that delivers signed price feeds based on real time market data from multiple exchanges. The on-chain data will be fed directly to the Tezos network making it 'DeFi ready' for future applications.


tzBTC brings the liquidity and battle-tested brand of Bitcoin (BTC) into the Tezos ecosystem, enabling BTC-backed use-cases on Tezos. Developers on Tezos can use tzBTC to enable novel financial applications on the Tezos blockchain.


Yield Baker is an Automated Liquidity Protocol with a rebalancer instrument for tokenized staked assets on Tezos (dXTZ, SLOT). It's a smart-contract driven protocol that allows users to deposit their staked XTZ (dXTZ) to earn a yield up to 25% APY by providing liquidity for SLOTs.


Dexter is a decentralized exchange on the Tezos blockchain and a web frontend that allows users to swap Tezos tokens and provide liquidity to the exchange. The frontend is open source and hosted on IPFS.


Sygnum Bank is the first regulated bank to offer the purchase, custody, trading, credit and staking services for the Tezos blockchain's native XTZ token. Sygnum clients can now stake their XTZ directly with Sygnum Bank and immediately start earning staking rewards of up to 5 percent annually.

Tezos Finance

Innovating the new TzFi ecosystem, through good design and advanced mathematics


USDtez (USDtz) is the first USD-pegged stablecoin and first FIAT-pegged stablecoin on Tezos. It is backed 1-1 with FIAT, keeping full and transparent reserves and enabling a secure, scalable, and [financial instrument] programmable source of liquidity.


Direct market transactions 1-1 between liquidity favorites like USDT to USDtz. or USDC to USDtz, BTC to BTCtz, and ETH to ETHtz


We are proud to announce our collaboration with the Tezos ecosystem, which will begin with bringing our USD-backed stablecoin, USDS, to Tezos.

QR Capital - DEX

QR Capital is Brazil's largest crypto hedge fund, and this week, QR Capital announced that they are building a digital exchange on the Tezos blockchain: the "Brazilian Legal Receivables and Precatory Bonds Exchange" (BBPR).